OWL presents: The Town Cryer 1: Alone in the streets

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Hello and welcome to the first episode of "The Town Cryer", a series of Mordheim Specials of The Old World Lives! A Warhammer Fantasy Podcast!

In the main part this episode Jimmy talks a bit about his Mordheim history, some basic Mordheim backstory and warband lore. He also lightly touches each rulebook warband and about what they can do. 


He also lifts subjects posted on "The Pinboard" where listeneres can bring up any subject they want, be it questions or any other subject.


Jimmy also goes through obituaries, where we will honour the warriors who's fallen during our games. If you have a warrior you'd wish to honour who's fallen in one of your games, don't hesitate to write in!

The last segment brings up Jimmy's thoughts of how Mordheim have stayed active in his area and how to help others to keep their campaigns up an running.



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