The Old World Lives episode 20: Thundering Charge (Heavy Cavalry Tactica)

Welcome to episode twenty of the Old World Lives! A Warhammer Fantasy Battles podcast.

In this episode we talk.... HORSES. Well, mostly. The riders play a part as well. And lets not go in to how a bull centaur is made. In text, at least!

The Intro: Christopher and Niklas discuss the new Chaos warriors being released by Games Workshop, Niklas future Chaos Army plans, Made-to-order Bloodbowl Chaos dwarfs. Meanwhile; Christopher can't decide on his next painting project and they read and talk about a Listener E-mail and a fututre challenge!

The Main bit: Christopher, Jens (yes, really), Jimmy and Niklas presents and discuss the Medium and Heavy cavalry unit choices in 6th ed,their uses, pros and cons. (Regiments of Renown and Daemonic cavalry is not in this special)


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