The Old World Lives episode 25: Daemons.

Welcome to episode 25 of the Old World Lives! A Warhammer Fantasy Podcast.

This episode is all about the most fiendish denizens of the Old World (or slightly beyond, really), The Daemons. 

Joining Chris and Jimmy is Peter "Flogger", Daemon expert (self-proclaimed) and Profet of the Four Divines (also self-proclaimed).

If you want to know all about Daemons and what to do with them once they've escaped the summoning circle in your basement/loft/shed, this is the episode for you (provided you want to know all about playing them in Warhammer 6th edition, that is).

Timestamps for gods:
Generic daemon army: (10:50)
Khorne:                       (24:27)
     Exalted daemons:    (34:11)
Tzeentch:                     (89:55) 
Nurgle:                        (01:33:17)
Slaanesh:                    (01:53:15)


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