The Old World Lives episode 29: Narrative gaming and linked campaigns

Welcome to episode 29 of the Old World Lives! A Warhammer Fantasy podcast. In this episode we talk hobby, monthly challenge, narrative gaming and linked campaigns/games, with examples!


Intro: Chris and Jimmy goes through some recent hobby progress, including Chris' foray into playing with Contrast paints. They renew their hobby pledges for the rest of the year (Middenheimers and High Elves that "will" be painted) and spoils the coming months challenges. Speaking of challenges, they also go through the entries from the July and August part of the Monthly challenge! 

They also discuss the new Warcry Warbands, Underworld Warbands and the charcters from the upcoming Shadow and Pain box for Age of Sigmar.

Main: Jimmy joins forces with Niklas to discuss Narrative gaming and Linked Campaigns/Games. They talk about what narrative gaming is and how to include a narrative in your games. They go through a lot of their own experiences as examples, so there's also a fair bit of game talk in this segment! This is not the be all end all guide to the topic, it's meant to serve as a stepping stone for you to make your own narrative and linked games with your opponents!


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Twitter: @nevindar


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