The Old World Lives episode 31: Of Nobles and Peasants, a Bretonnia Special

Welcome to episode 31 of the Old World Lives, a Warhammer Fantasy Podcast. This time we are transported into the mystical land of Wine, Damsels, Nobles, and Peasants. Welcome to Bretonnia.

This special features a grand discussion between Niklas and Guest Joseph and they talked all about, to quote: 
"We spoke about Bretonnia and Brittany, jesters and jousts, King Arthur, the Hundred Years War, harvest festivals and - of course - wine!"

As you might have noticed, this is episode 31. Episode 30 is still being edited and will be uploaded at a later date!

Joseph's instagram: @foxlordpaints

Instagram: @theoldworldlives @maewronminiatures @the_phoenecian
Twitter: @nevindar


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