The Old World Lives episode 32: Warhammer interview with Tuomas Pirinen

Welcome to episode 32 of the Old World Lives! A Warhammer Fantasy podcast. 
In this episode we welcome back a very special and dear guest to the podcast, Tuomas Pirinen! 

Intro: Chris, Jimmy, and Niklas talk hobby and news. And some campaing ideas and conversions!

Main: An interview with Tuomas about Warhammer, the thoughts behind the 6th edition and earlier. Would yet again like to thank him for coming on, it's always a delight!

Link to Tuomas Pirinen's Facebook page, check it out for updates on his new project as well as the occassional glimpse of the Old World!:


Social media:



Instagram: @theoldworldlives @maewronminiatures @the_phoenecian

Twitter: @nevindar

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